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The Biden Administration’s Action on Student Loan Relief: A Detailed Analysis

Biden Student Loans


The Biden-Harris administration has been making significant strides to alleviate the burden of student loans on millions of American borrowers. Their focus has been on rectifying the flaws in the student loan system and making higher education more accessible and affordable. The administration has so far approved an astounding $127 billion in debt relief impacting nearly 3.6 million borrowers.

The Student Debt Relief Landscape

The Problem of Student Debt

According to various studies, student debt has become a major obstacle for many in the United States, hindering their ability to advance in their careers and achieve their financial goals. The long-standing and complex issue of student debt has been a focus of the Biden-Harris administration since the beginning of their term.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Approach

President Biden and Vice President Harris strongly believe that higher education should be a vehicle to the middle class rather than a financial burden. Their administration has been working tirelessly to correct the broken student loan system and make college more accessible and affordable for more Americans.

Biden Administration’s Historic Actions

Debt Relief Achievements

The Biden-Harris administration has approved an unprecedented $127 billion in debt relief for nearly 3.6 million borrowers. This includes nearly $42 billion for almost 855,000 eligible borrowers through income-driven repayment, almost $51 billion for 715,000 public servants through Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs, $11.7 billion for almost 513,000 borrowers with total and permanent disabilities, and $22.5 billion for more than 1.3 million borrowers who were cheated by their school or saw their institutions close abruptly.

The SAVE Plan

In addition to the debt relief measures, the administration also launched the most affordable student loan repayment plan in history, known as the SAVE plan. This plan aims to make borrowers’ monthly payments as low as $0 and prevents balances from growing due to unpaid interest.

Proposed Student Loan Forgiveness

The New Plan

The Biden-Harris administration is proposing a new student debt relief plan that targets four groups of borrowers. These include those with federal student loan balances exceeding the original borrowed amount, those with loans that entered into repayment 25 years ago or more, those with loans for career training programs that led to unreasonable debt loads or provided insufficient earnings, and those eligible for forgiveness under other repayment plans but have not applied for it.

Legal Challenges and Predictions

Though the Department of Education is moving forward with its effort to enact student loan forgiveness, legal experts predict that the plan may face legal challenges. It is crucial to note that the exact parameters of the new student loan relief plan have not yet been established, and the timeline for its implementation is not yet definitive.


The Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to provide relief to student loan borrowers are commendable. Their initiatives aim to make higher education more affordable and ensure student debt does not stand in the way of opportunity. However, the path to student loan forgiveness is fraught with legal and political challenges. While the future of student loan relief remains uncertain, what is clear is the administration’s commitment to making higher education more accessible and affordable for all Americans.

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